Blogging Challenge… Day 6

Day 6: Pet peeves.

Oh lordy, where do I begin.

People don’t use their blinkers. I don’t care if you’re in the turn lane or not, put on your damn blinker.

Babies/toddlers running around in just a diaper (or diaper and a tshirt). And I mean for when they are out in public. If you’re sitting at home with your kid, I don’t care, but in public? Put some clothes on your kid! The other day I was at Starbucks and twice that day someone came in with their kid that didn’t have pants on. I think one of the toddlers had a onesie on, but the other just a diaper, a shirt and shoes. Maybe if they were a baby baby, like under 7 months old it wouldn’t be so bad, but if the kid can walk, it’s time to wear clothes.

People who eat while talking on the phone.

People who let their kids run around a public place (store, restaurant, etc) and act like nothing is going on.

Putting empty containers/bags back into the fridge/freezer. As of last night, there were 2 McDonald’s bags each containing nothing but a few napkins and a receipt, and 3 empty pizza boxes in the fridge of the house I live in. None of those items were put in there by me, fyi.


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