Blogging Challenge… Day 4

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I know, it’s the 5th and this was supposed to be done on the 4th. It’s totally not my fault though. There was a server error with the hosting so couldn’t log on wordpress all day.

With that out of the way, Day 4: Your parents.

I knew a post about my parents was coming up for this challenge and I’ve been trying to think how much I actually want to put out there. Because this is the internet and it’s out there for everyone to read. If I could hide my site from specific people, I’d gladly do so. lol There might even be a way, but it probably requires knowing info I don’t have. Anyway, my parents. I have 3 of them. My mom, my dad and my step-mom.  

My parents got married in 1977 and divorced in 1998. I was a senior in high school and I can say with 100% certainty that I was not upset about it at all. Being 18 I was more aware of the fights and unhappiness going on between them, so when my parents sat my brother, sister and I down to tell us I faked being upset. I put on a sad face while inside I was doing the snoopy dance.


I had a lot more written and deleted it because I probably shouldn’t air all that publicly over the internet. I get along pretty well with my mom. We talk/text throughout the week and I usually visit her on the weekends. I don’t talk to my dad & step-mom often. Mostly we see each other on the holidays or at family get-together type things (like birthdays). No matter the occasion, there is a chance I will get lectured like a child or treated like one. There was one time I was over for dinner and whatever vegetable they’d made I didn’t want. My step-mom put a spoonful on my plate and told me I had to eat them or I wouldn’t get dessert. And I was in my late 20’s/early 30’s at the time. Seriously.

I think that gives you a pretty good idea on my parents.

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