The Unclutter-utter!

What’s an unclutter-utter? It’s a superhero that comes and unclutters your house while you sleep. Too bad they never visited me in my apartment.

I wouldn’t call myself a hoarder (actually does an actual hoarder even consider themselves a hoarder? Probably not), but I’ve had family say it. No I didn’t have 10,000 pens (or cats) or anything like that, I just had a lot of stuff.

Beautiful Mess: Declutter Your Mess

I’m a big *NSYNC fan and from 1999 – 2002 I bought a lot of memorabilia. A lot “”. I had 2 of the Barbies, what seemed like every magazine they graced the cover of (sometimes more than one copy), even the really silly things like a sticker game they had (I never even opened the package) and of course the lip balm. I still have unopened packs and though Lance is my favorite *NSYNCer, Justin is my favorite of the lip balms because his is vanilla and Lance’s was a flavor I don’t like, blue raspberry. I also had a lot of Avon products leftover from when I was selling it. People would order things and then never have the money to pay me for them so I kept the items always intending to resell them, somehow, in the future. Hence why I’ve had family think I’m a hoarder because they think I kept the stuff around to just sit there forever, when I really had ideas in mind, but never followed through on them.

If my spare room/office wasn’t so cluttered I would have had an easier time selling (through ebay, craigslist, etc) all the Avon and whatever’s I didn’t need anymore. Someday, when I have my own place again, I do not want my place all crazy cluttered again. I’m sure it will though because my mom is the same way and I think it’s hereditary. lol

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