Random McRandomson

Seriously the days are going by really fast. I think it’s been only a few days since I last posted and then I realize it’s been over 2 weeks.

Last week it was in the high 80’s and even a bit into the 90’s. Today? The sky is gray, it’s 69° out and there’s a 30% chance of rain*. WTF? Not that I miss the hot weather. Oh no. I am so not ready for summer. I never am actually. Being a big girl equals a huge hate of the heat. Last year I spent almost a week at my mom’s house (who lives in the same town as me) just because she had air conditioning in her house and I didn’t because the temperature was at least 100°. Plus she had a pool. lol This year, she’s in a different house and no pool (which totally sucks for both of us because we are both total fish people who love being in the water), but she’s still got a/c and I still don’t.

I’m still looking for a job. And still waiting to hear from a couple places too. Which is how it’s been with me for quite a while now so nothing shocking about that. There are 7 websites (about half are temp agencies) that I go through every day to look for work. Then there are other sites I go through once a week. I’ve pretty much figured out how often some sites are updated with jobs, so there’s no use going every day if they only update every few days or whatever.

I’m trying to plan more blog posts. I’m still working on all the contents pieces. Like a lot of links (to outside sites) aren’t there, it’s just the site name. And maybe I want to change the headings on some pages and yadda yadda yadda.

I’ve got another blog post in mind so hopefully I’ll post soon. ::fingers crossed:: But I currently have 9 tabs open so lots to do.

*Not that I’m hoping it doesn’t rain. As long as I’m not outside when it happens I’m good. Plus it’ll wash my car. haha

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