I’m alive!

Once again I got a solution to my problem at pretty much the last second.

When I got the 3 day notice from my apartment manager, I had no idea what I was going to do. That was on Wednesday the 10th. On the 12th I created the gofundme page. Knowing it was unlikely I’d raise enough to pay all that I owed (2 months rent), I talked to the manager on Saturday to see how much I needed to stay and she said 1 month’s rent. And I knew that would probably only allow me to stay until the end of April, but it would at least have given me a bit more time to figure things out.

Later that day I remembered that a friend of mine had told me sometime around November (when I was having this same issue) that if her brother-in-law wasn’t living with her, I could stay with her. Then a few weeks ago I was having dinner over at her place and she was showing me around the house (it was the first time I’d been there) and when she showed me the spare bedroom (her brother-in-law had moved out a few months ago) she said that if I needed a place to stay, this is the room I could use. So finally remembering this bit of info (because my brain turns to mush when I need to think about serious things) I called and left her a voicemail wanting to know if her offer still stood for me to stay with her. She called me later that night and said yes, totally, there was no way she was going to let me sleep in my car. Just knowing I had a place to go took a big chunk of the weight off my shoulders.

I had already started packing on Saturday and I had family helping too. To backtrack, on Friday my dad & step-mom said they would hold onto my kitchen table and chairs for me as well as my huge 62″ long console table. Saturday evening they stopped by and took the console table and 2 of the 4 kitchen chairs and helped me go through a lot of my stuff to see what I really needed to keep and what could be thrown away. On Sunday they came over again and helped me some more. Then on Monday my mom came in the morning and picked up a bunch of boxes to hold for me, then my step-mom came over (before my mom had left and haha that was interesting) and helped me pack. My dad came over after work to help. Monday evening my brother and his girlfriend came down with her pickup truck and took my sofa up to my mom’s. My brother’s girlfriend is tiny, but strong! She and my brother, who is not a big guy himself, put the sofa onto her truck and then took it off at my mom’s. I think they eat their spinach. lol

I talked to the manager Monday morning and asked what time I needed to be out by. She said that if I needed to I could turn in the keys Tuesday morning. I didn’t think I’d be moving out super late into Monday, but it was good to know I didn’t have to be out by 5pm.
I got out pretty much everything Monday night. The only things left were 4 boxes of items, a folding chair, my broom & dustpan, a couple empty boxes I had kept there in case I needed them, 2 bags of trash and the food from the fridge/freezer. I spent Monday night at my friends house and went back to my (now old) apartment Tuesday morning, put the boxes and everything else that was left into my car, dumped the couple bags of trash, then took the manager the keys. I told her I got everything out and asked if she was going to file the eviction papers and she said no. I asked if she would sign something stating so and she said no, that her word was good. I really hope it is. We didn’t even do a walk-through together, but I know that if she didn’t like what she’d seen when she walked through it later on (cause I’m sure she went looking soon after I left) she’d have contacted me.

I’ve been at my friends house for about a week and a half. I’m still trying to get down a routine, 4 people in a house, of which myself and my friends brother are sharing a bathroom, different schedules, etc.

Hope everyone/anyone reading this is doing well. I hope to update again soon and it shouldn’t be about being almost evicted! whooooo!

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