As you’ll come to learn, I don’t really do recipes. I mean, I look on Pinterest and on other foodie blogs for recipes, but then I basically add in whatever I want to the recipe (and of course take out whatever I don’t like). Like if carrots are involved? Out they go. lol

Anyway, here’s a salad that I made myself a week ago.

Chicken Avacodo Salad

I took some shredded chicken, added some avocado, onion, grape tomatoes, spring mix lettuce, red bell pepper, and peppercinis and mixed it all together. Added some pepper too, mixed it all up and done. I didn’t need to add any dressing either because of the avocado. And I had only planned on adding maybe half of the avocado, but I’m crazy for the stuff so I added the entire thing. It was a really good sized salad too. I brought it with me to Starbucks and ate it there throughout the day. Yeah, I do that.

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