foodie nom nom

I made a slight change to my site. I used to have a separate food blog, not that it had been updated recently, and decided that since I don’t update it very often I would just bring it into this site. So all my food posts have been imported in. You can find them by using the category drop down box in the right sidebar, just about halfway down the page. If you choose the category “nom nom” it’ll give you all the food posts, or you can choose by the different meals/foods.

I also got the footer set up how I wanted it, but the content page is still a mystery. I’d still like to clean up the sidebars a bit. I feel like there’s too many ads even though it really isn’t. I’d like to have the list of songs played and my tweets to be longer, but only if I can get the text smaller because if the lists get longer it’ll take up a lot of room.

Nothing new on the job front. I am waiting to hear about an interview at a call center and that should happen before the end of the week (the call, not the interview). I really want this job, I know I can do it, I already know people there and it pays well. Cross your fingers for me!

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