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Cross your fingers that I get hired for a new job by this time next week. I had an interview last week, but the position was more physical labor than I can handle. I have another interview at the same company, just in a different department, next Wednesday. I’ve also applied to a few other places with more resumes to still send out.

Even though I was getting paid weekly (at the temp job), I wasn’t getting a large paycheck. Because of that I’ve been having to split my rent payments up into smaller amounts. I was able to pay a little more than half the other week and tomorrow I’ll be able to pay the rest. After that I’ll have roughly $30 in my checking account and none in savings. I just wasn’t making enough to put anything into savings and pay all my bills. Actually I wasn’t paying all my bills, I had help from family. Somehow I have to get this $30 to last until I find a new job, put gas in my car, and pay my $40 cell phone bill (which is due on the 20th). Yeah… that’s not gonna work. Luckily I have Metro, so if I can’t pay my bill I won’t have an issue with cancellation fees, but on the other hand I won’t have a phone and I’ll lose my current phone number that I’ve had for the past 5 or 6 years and that is on all my contact info for jobs. Ugh.

And finally yesterday was the suck day. I really dislike Valentine’s Day. Not because I think it’s stupid or I’m not into romance, but because I’m alone. To make yesterday better I cooked myself a yummy dinner, had some Whipped Cream Vodka mixed with Sprite (and another glass where I mixed the vodka with some Arizona Tea Strawberry Lemondade) and watched a couple romantic comedies. Valentine’s Day and No Strings Attached to be exact. The first I hadn’t seen in a couple years and it was appropriate for the day and the second because it makes me laugh. The scene where Emma is drunk and telling the cab driver to take her to Adam’s house cracks me up every time. If you haven’t seen the movie, this scene is one of my favorites. She gets into a cab and tells the driver to take her to Adam’s house. He says he doesn’t know where that is and she loudly and drunkingly says “where Adam lives!” because… duh. lol My other favorite scene is when Emma and her roommates are all on their visit’s from Aunt Flo(w) and as Patrice states “there’s a crime scene in my pants”. All females who’ve ever had their period can relate to that quote I think.

So how was your Valentine’s Day?

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