I know, I know.

I know, I know. Once again I went a while without posting. I had a good reason though this time. I was working. And when I say was, I mean was in the past tense. I got the call this morning that my assignment had ended. I had a few interviews at the end of the first full week of December with one of those interviews turning into an actual job. It was through a temp agency, so I knew it could’ve ended at any point I just wasn’t expecting it to so soon. The project I was initially hired for was finished this morning before my shift even started so when I woke up I had a voicemail from the temp agency and I knew what it was about. There was plenty of other work to be done, but I think there just wasn’t room. I was doing data entry and the other big project going on was only accessible on so many computer’s. The company told the temp agency I’d done a great job, so I know it didn’t have to do with that. Plus I was the last one hired on my shift, which means first out, so I really am not that surprised.

So here I am at Starbucks. My home away from home. I’ve been looking online and even found 2 places to apply too. Plus the temp agency I got the last job through already had another place they could send my resume to. Fingers crossed!

The only other new thing with me is that I cancelled my cell account with AT&T and went back to MetroPCS. I just couldn’t afford it anymore. Well actually it’d been more than I could afford for a bit, but I just took my time in switching. I’m using the same phone I had with Metro the first time around too. A Samsung Messager II. It wasn’t a big deal before since it was a pretty decent phone at the time, but now? hahaha

That is what I am dealing with. Whenever I save up the money, which could be never, I plan on buying a new phone. It won’t be the newest, but it’ll at least be some type of smartphone. I’m still using my old Samsung Captivate though as an alarm clock, sleep timer, game player, etc. Anyone else using an ancient cell phone?

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