yes, it’s true!

I’m posting! haha You thought it would never happen, didn’t you?

I’ve been telling myself for the past month, more than that actually, that I need to post. Then I either never remember to actually do it or when I do remember I have nothing to say. My brain is a big mess lately. I can be watching tv, get up to go to the bathroom and think to myself that on the way back to grab this or that. 9 times out of 10 I’ll forget even though not even 5 minutes will have passed. It drives me nuts.

So what is going on with me? Nothing really. I still have not found a new job. I’ve had 2.5 interviews and signed up at a temp agency since the beginning of October and nothing came from any of them. I’ve applied for a lot of jobs since then, but only had those few interviews. I was really excited about getting one of those jobs too. Not just because I needed a job, but because I was actually interested in what I would be doing.

I was on unemployment (EDD), but it ended at the end of September and since then I have not had any income come in. Well, actually I’ve had less than $25 in income doing a research type project for someone on I thought I was going to have to move out of my apartment in October since I couldn’t pay my rent, but someone loaned me the money. They loaned me money again in November to pay that month’s rent, but told me at that time they could not loan me anything in December. So now it’s the 3rd and I’ve been in full out panic mode for over a week. When I get like this, I can’t do anything I just fade out and can’t do anything. Like I should be packing up all my stuff like a mad woman, but I’m not. I start thinking about it and I just go numb. So, that’s all kinds of fun.

As far as crafting goes, I haven’t done a lot. About 10 years ago I made myself a little pillow, about 13×6″. Recently the fabric started falling apart until nothing was left except for the batting I had used to stuff it. Earlier this year I had picked up 2 kitchen size trash bags full of fabric scraps in various sizes (some have to be at least a yard) from someone on Freecycle. I kept everything in the bags since a) I don’t have a defined space for my crafting fabric and b) Since my housing situation has been iffy, I wanted it to stay packed and ready to go. When I made the original pillow I used one of those hand-held sewing machines, but my little machine doesn’t work anymore so I decided to just hand sew one. I ended up just making a pillow case (the original was stitched around all 4 sides) just because. It’s not in the cutest fabric, it’s actually brown and kinda ugly, but it’s just for me so it’ll do.

Ok, I think I have rambled on enough for my first post in a long time. Any questions? Ask away!

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