Birthday Meme

My birthday was back in May, but I saw this meme on a friend’s livejournal tonight and figured I’d do it now instead of waiting until next May and forgetting all about it.

Go to Wikipedia and type in your birthday (month and day), then write down 3 events, 3 births, 3 deaths and 3 holidays.

1218 – The Fifth Crusade leaves Acre for Egypt.
1607 – 100 English settlers disembark in Jamestown, the first English colony in America.
1830 – Mary Had a Little Lamb by Sarah Josepha Hale is published.

1879 – H. B. Reese, American candymaker, created Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups (d. 1956)
1970 – Tommy Page, American singer-songwriter and pianist
1978 – Bryan Greenberg, American actor

1153 – David I of Scotland (b. 1083)
1725 – Jonathan Wild, English criminal (b. 1682)
1991 – Gene Clark, American singer-songwriter and musician (The Byrds and Dillard & Clark) (b. 1944)

– Battle of Pichincha Day (Ecuador)
– Commonwealth Day (Belize)
– National Patriots Day or Journée nationale des patriotes. (Quebec)

I tried to pick things that related to either my background or heritage (since I’m all genealogy crazy right now), but the only thing that came close was the birthdays and even that was far from what I was going for. haha

1st birthday listed; I love peanut butter cups. Wish I had some right now. 2nd birthday listed; back in the early 90’s I loved me some Tommy Page. He goes hand in hand with New Kids on the Block for me. 3rd birthday listed; loved October Road and our mom’s went to high school together.

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