Friday questions and 5’s and whatnots. 3 of them. Combined all in one big post.

Friday Fill-Ins

Fill in the blank fun! My add-ons are in bold.

1. When I heard that Titanic was going to be in theaters next month in 3D I knew I wanted to see it.
2. Spring makes me want to open my windows.
3. Get crunked!
4. Starbucks is where I spend most of my days.
5. Hands up.
6. I don’t like to put anybody down.
7. And as for the weekend, tonight I’m looking forward to catching up on tv from last week, tomorrow my plans include vegging out and Sunday, I want to go visit my mom!

Friday Question

What did you dislike (food, preference, whatever) as a child that you like now?

Most vegetables. I’m still a picky eater, but I was even more picky when I was younger. Some of the veggies I like now that I hated as a kid are zucchini, cabbage, black beans, lettuce (unless it was completely mixed in and I didn’t have to taste it on it’s own), broccoli (well I did like it as a kid, but it had to be covered with meleted cheese. lol it doesn’t have to be like that now.)

Friday 5

First prize for winning an Academy Award is a gold statuette named Oscar. What would be a good second prize?
Cookie Monster.

First prize for winning a Presidential election is four years in the White House. What would be a good second prize?
Four years wishing you were the President. Oh wait… that’s what happens. lol

First prize for winning on Survivor is a million dollars. What would be a good second prize?
Enough food to make you regain all the weight you lost while being on the show.

First prize for winning the Indianapolis 500 is chugging a quart of milk in the winner’s circle. What would be a good second prize?
Chocolate milk!

First prize (for the horse) for winning the Kentucky Derby is a blanket of roses. What would be a good second prize?
Some tasty oats.

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