it’s November

How the heck is it November already? I am so not ready for this. And before we know it Thanksgiving and then Christmas will be here. And since some of my family is going out of town for Christmas, we’re celebrating early. Like on the 11th.

In other news, I have finally linked the Content page (over on the right). Help me with the crazy HTML mishaps. There are a lot. I am still messing with the CSS and it’s not coming out right. I hate those things. And a few of the pages magically turned into Chinese characters instead of what I actually typed out and I have no idea why. I can’t figure out if it’s because of the CSS (though not all the pages have turned so that’s probably not it). What’s weirder is that if I use an HTML checker, it says that everything is fine and the page comes up as it should be. So… yes. Help me. I’ll love you forever.

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