Saturday Six


1. What color are you least likely to wear?
Orange. I feel like a pumpkin when I wear that color.

2. What color do you tend to wear the most?
Purple. I have at least 4 shirts in different shades.

3. What skill would you like to increase?
The skill to obtain a job and keep if for more than 2 1/2 years (as that was the average length I have held my last 2 jobs).

4. What’s the number one thing stopping you from doing so?
No idea. I think I interview fine (not that i’ve had one), my resume is good and I generally meet at least the basic minimum requirements they ask for.

5. If you had set goals for 2011, which one would you likely be most far away from reaching at this point?
Didn’t have any goals set.

6. Is it a goal you think you can realistically meet by the end of the year?

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