OMG I’m still alive!

Since I still haven’t found a new job and I was on the verge of being disconnected anyway, I cancelled Comcast. No tv. No internet. No tv I can deal with since the internet could assist in getting tv shows and movies for viewing, but I don’t even have that. The first day without Comcast I was able to get in on an unsecured connected and since then it’s been hit or miss if I can reconnect. Sometimes I can connect with the free wifi from the McDonald’s down the street, but it’s very picky as to what I can do. The one I’m uh… borrowing now will let me access everything I’ve tried and download movies and shows using torrents. I do have my cell phone still to check email, twitter and facebook daily, but since I don’t have an unlimited plan I have to watch my data useage so that I don’t go over. I go to my mom’s a lot on the weekend’s though to do major internet stuff and download stuff to watch at home.

It’s ok though that I don’t have internet and tv to distract me during the day since I’ve had to be busy, busy, busy packing and cleaning. I have now been through every box in my apartment as I never actually unpacked after moving in 2 years ago. What? Moving into this apartment was the 13th? 14th? time I’d moved in my life and when it happens that much, you want to just stay packed since you figure you’ll be moving again soon. Anyway, so I went through everything. I threw away a lot of stuff, donated a ton of clothes and am having a garage sale this coming weekend.

I had my unemployment hearing on June 8th and finally received the decision last week Wednesday. I WON! HA! Take that! Suck it! lol I was starting to totally panic that I hadn’t heard anything since the judge said she only has a week to turn in her decision and it doesn’t take longer than a wee for the office to mail it out to me and my old employer. When I checked the mail last Wednesday there were 10 envelopes from EDD/the appeals office. lol 1 was the decision letter, 2 were from EDD with notices of weeks I was not eligible for benefits (1 being the last week I worked and the other the week after) and the other 7 were checks.

Since I had no income coming in I’d been getting loans from one set of parents. I believe it’s just over $2000 that I owe them back. Oy. They are currently on a cruise around the Mediterranian though. Ooh la la. So I feel rich until they get back. lol

Hmmm… I can’t think of what else to say. Other than cleaning my apartment, missing the internet (or at least missing being on it practically 24/7), and dying from the heat not much else is going on.

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