i’m nervous

So my unemployment hearing is this Wednesday and I’m starting to get really nervous. Last week I requested that everything in my case file be sent to me for review and I got it today.  Every piece of information sent in is from me, nothing is from my old job. The only information from them is when a supervisor had a phone interview. The information from that interview is in my case file. The person EDD interviewed decided they would talk about everything that ever happened to me while I was there. What does an occurrence from 2 years ago have to do with anything? It has nothing to do with why I was terminated, but it still makes me nervous that I’m going to lose.

I talk to my apartment manager today and let her know that I did not have the rent, but that my hearing was Wednesday and if I win I’ll be able to pay. She said that was okay and that if I get something stating I won, she can send it to the property managers and I can pay the rent when I get my check. I just didn’t tell her that I won’t find out if i’ve won on Wednesday. Anything to buy me some time.

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