Pity, party of 1, your table is ready.

Hello. Still jobless here. That’s my new name. Possibly soon to be homeless jobless so I wanted to get at least one blog post out before that happens. I woke up yesterday morning to my cable and internet service not working (they were from the same company). The tv kept giving some error code, which when I looked it up online (still got my cell phone’s 3G service), it just said it could be something with the cables and to call and have the signal resent. So I call and the recording says something about my service appointment and to make changes press whatever. So I do that because what the hell are they talking about and I get transferred to some poor guy who has to tell me they shut off my service for non-payment. I paid them about 2 weeks ago and when I called to confirm it was ok they said I was good for another month. When I tried telling the guy that he cut me off and basically said that 2 weeks ago it was ok, but not now and I needed to pay X amount before getting my service back. Oh yeah, let me whip out my imaginary checking account number with money in it and I’ll pay you right now.

Anyway, so cable and internet are gone. Monday is the 5th and I don’t have the money to pay my rent for June. Or the remaining 50% and late fee I owe for May. I don’t have anything to pay for PG&E, my cell phone, car insurance, food, gas or the oil change my car desperately needs. Thankfully my dad & step-mom are still helping with paying my car payment. Not that it matters because I am not driving anywhere. My car has less than a gallon of gas and needs that oil change before I’ll go anywhere other than in town.

I’m pretty sure I’ll be evicted. I never finished unpacking when I moved in, so there’s not really a lot to pack back up. The big thing is where everything will go. I can’t afford a storage unit. I don’t want to sell everything, especially the furniture, because then when I can get back into an apartment I’ll have to start over again. And I really don’t want to do that because a lot of the furniture I have was either given to me or leftover from what I had when I was younger so I only had to buy a few things when I moved in here. If I had had to buy what was given to me, I wouldn’t have any of it. It was 90% given to me and the rest I bought.

Not that I want to move in with either of my parents, but it would be better than the street. That’s right street. Or should I say car. That can’t go anywhere at the moment. Neither of them have offered to let me stay with them until I get back on my feet. My dad has a 4 bedroom house and it’s just him, my step-mom and my brother (who is home from college for the summer). Move aside some things in your game room dad and let me stay! And when I say game room, I mean there is a chair, a tv and an X-Box in it. I think their treadmill is in there too, but it folds up. The other room is their office. Though I think I may prefer my car to their place. I’m in my 30’s and when I’m over there, I am told to eat my vegetables, they are put on my plate for me whether I like them or not. It’s like I’m 5 years old again. And there’s the lectures. How everything I do is wrong. You’re not looking for a job the right way. You didn’t dry the dishes the right way. Etc, etc. My mom has a 2 bedroom house and it’s just her and her boyfriend. The extra room is full of stuff left to be unpacked from when they moved in last year. And though I can’t stand her boyfriend (he is verbally abusive to my mom, won’t help my mom help us kids (with money, a place to stay, etc), argues with her all the time), I would rather be there than on the street or at my dad’s. Plus if I was able to stay there, I would have a place for my things. Although my dad’s place is bigger there’s less room for me to store my things. My mom has a 2nd living room or a den and a living room or I don’t know, 2 separate spots that are like living rooms, but they really only use one for the most part. I could put my sofa in the second area because there is no seating there except for a rocking chair. And I could angle it so I can put boxes behind the sofa. The main thing to find a spot would be my kitchen table and chairs. I love the table. My dad and step-mom gave it to me when they got a new one and it’s pretty close to what I would have picked for myself had I gone and bought it so I really do not want to give it up. White distressed legs and a bleached wood top.

So though I’ve known this day could possible come for a while now, have I packed the unpacked things that I’m not using? Nope. Not a thing. It’s not that I’m in denial, though I really can’t believe this is happening, it’s the stress and panic of it all that makes me completely immobile.

The only good thing is that my unemployment hearing is this coming Wednesday, the 8th. I have copies of my past evaluations with the company, I have a letter from a customer saying I was a huge help to her (sent a month before I was fired), and I have 2 letters from former co-workers saying what kind of employee I was. I’ve requested for everything in my case file to be sent to me and am just waiting for it to arrive. Or maybe it did today. I just haven’t checked my mailbox yet. I am stressing over that too. Being in front of a judge and everything. I am, obviously, hoping that everything goes smoothly for me and that I win. I am also hoping that the decision and checks (if I win) start soon after the hearing and before I actually get evicted.

And for an update on the job front. I had a temp job about a week and a half ago. It was supposed to last 3 days, but only lasted 1. The company was looking for a new receptionist and hired someone at the end of that first day. They only needed me to cover the phones while they were searching. I wasn’t up for the job because the person needed to know construction things and I don’t. So all I did for 8 hours was answer the phone. That rang about once every 15 minutes. The rest of the time? I stared at the wall or doodled on a piece of paper. I’m not kidding. They had nothing else for me to do. And of course I’m sitting in front of a computer with what was at least a 21″ screen and all I could think of was playing Farm/Frontier/Pet-ville (Facebook) games on the dang thing. lol

Ok. If you made it through this whole post, a million internet cookies for you.

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