Beetlejuice and Unemployment

So here I sit watching Beetlejuice on a Sunday afternoon and it’s the last day of happy hour for half price frapps at Starbucks. I’ve been good and haven’t been there in months, but the lure of a frapp is getting to me and for half price I think I can splurge. Which is another way of saying I still haven’t found a new job. How I’m still in my apartment I don’t know. I pretty much ran out of money after paying my bills in April. I’ve only been able to pay for things this month by closing out a stock account I had, a whopping $666.40. Bad number?Yes I think so too. With that money I was able to pay 4 bills, half my rent and get some groceries. I had help from my dad & step-mom in getting my car payment made. I need to pay the remaining rent plus a late fee by the end of the month or I get an eviction notice.

I have zero income coming in at the moment. I was denied unemployment benefits so I am appealing the decision, but it’s taking a long time to get a hearing. When I called a couple weeks ago to see if I could get any info on how much longer it would be, they said that the normal wait is about 4-6 weeks, but that because there are so many unemployed people in my area appealing their EDD decision that it’s currently more like 10-12 weeks. I’m really hoping I win because I desperately need the money. Not that I would stop looking for a job if I win. It would just be good to be able to pay bills and keep a roof over my head until I find something.

eta: I did end up getting my frap. Strawberries & Cream with Coconut! And it was under $3.

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