Monday Monday

Yesterday I was finally able to get over to my mom’s and do laundry. The past couple weekends either she was busy or I was. So I went over there and started my laundry, then started the task of setting up her new blue-ray player with an internet connection so she can get Netflix on her tv. 2 hours later and it as connected! lol It took forever because her wireless network password wasn’t working. So I called Verizon and they reset the modem and changed the password and all that and it connected. I declared myself a genius after that. 🙂 Then we went out and grabbed some dinner, came back to her place and watched Grown Ups.

Today I started a new blog. Well, more like I made a new blog to replace the one I lost from a couple years ago. (due to losing hosting access) lol Eat This! Except for a very short one sentence welcome post, there’s nothing new, but you can check it out anyway.

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