Saturday Six

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1. Take the survey: The Patrck’s Place Survey.

2. When do you remember first becoming a reader of blogs online? (Not just this one, but blogs in general?)
I’m not sure. I think it was around 2001 because that’s when I first got a livejournal. I can’t remember reading blogs before then.

3. How many bloggers that you’ve read have you actually met in person?

4. Given the chance, would you attend a workshop on blogging and techniques to increase your audience?
Maybe. It could be interesting.

5. What is most annoying to you about the average blog you have read?
Bad grammar. lol Other than that I don’t really know. If I found someone’s blog that annoying I just wouldn’t read it.

6. If you had to pick one single subject you most enjoy reading about on a blog, which subject would it be.
Crafting. Or cooking/baking/being a foodie. I’m all of those so I find them interesting. Though I also read some “mom blogs” and while I don’t have kids I love the stories about the bloggers kids.

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