Pretend it’s January 1st

I told myself I wanted to start blogging more and now it’s the 29th of January and this is the first post I’ve made this year. Oops.

So if this was a January 1st/New Years Day post it would be about resolutions. Which I don’t make because they never get done, but if I did it would go something like this.

– blog more.
I don’t think I need to elaborate on this.

– lose weight.
which I have been trying to do for a while now.

– get my apartment in order.
I moved in almost 2 years ago and it’s still complete chaos in here. My spare room/guest room/computer room/craft room is filled with boxes as is my living room from my storage unit that I cleaned out and closed last year. I know that part of why it’s still here is that I’m overwhelmed with how much there is. Another reason is lack of storage. Which is funny because to buy and use any kind of storage system the spare room needs to be cleaned out enough that I can fit the storage system into it.

– savings.
I have some money saved up, but not enough to pay a full month’s of bills if needed. I’d love to have 3 months worth of bills in my savings account, but I am horrible at saving money.

hmmmm I think that’s all I’ve got for now.

On a random ending note, is awesome.

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