Shopping is Fun :x

My mom and I went to Fashion Bug yesterday because I still hadn’t bought anything to wear to my high school reunion that’s in 2 weeks. Well even though we are on their mailing list and I’m on their email list, we never got notice that there were having a fashion show. We got there right before it started and there were people everywhere to watch the show and blocking the path of people who were there to shop. My mom and I are looking at clothes and I see a top I want to try on, but it’s to high up for me to reach on my own so I needed one of the sales girls to come along with that stick thing to get it down, but they were all with the people for the fashion show and not paying any attention to customers. I found one of those sticks against the wall and got the shirt down myself. Then I saw another shirt I wanted and used the stick for that too. Then I saw a third, but the fashion show had started and you couldn’t get across the aisle and my mom’s back and legs started hurting and so we just dumped our stuff on the nearest rack and left. It was really bad customer service that they didn’t have at least one sales associate to help the customer’s that wanted to shop instead of watching the show. The majority of the girls were for the misses side and I don’t give a crap about watching people in a size 0 model clothes in what I consider a mostly plus size store. If we had known there was a show going on today we either would have gone yesterday or waited until after the show ended.

Since that was a bust we decided to drive up to Stockton and go to the new Lane Bryant/Cacique store. Their bra sizes go up to H, but not in a 48, which is the number I need. I tried on two different styles in 44H’s (because that’s the highest number an H goes), but neither fit even with a band extender snapped on. I hate bra shopping! I didn’t even think to try on a 48DDD while I was there. The ones I already have in that size are a different style and I think that’s why they fit. Hello the TMI, yes?

Next we went across the street to Catherine’s. I didn’t find any shirts I liked there, but I did try on three skirts. I really didn’t like the hem of one of them, it was different lengths and reminded me of what you’d wear if you dressed as a witch for Halloween. The other two were almost the exact same (straight, plain, black) except the fabric felt different and one was layered at the bottom. I didn’t buy any of the skirts because I wasn’t sure about the price, the one I liked the most was almost $70, but the website it telling me it’s on sale so I’ll have to check on that if I go back.

As we were leaving Catherine’s my mom started to not feel well and thought it might be because of the time (it was almost 5pm) and the fact she had a really small lunch so we headed back to Manteca for dinner. I’d already told her I was going to treat her because of the way Loud Guy acted the other night. I mean, he acts like that all the time, but the way he handled her falling was so shitty I felt really bad for her. We went to this place called Tommy’s Beach Bar & Grill. I’d never been there before, but my mom thinks she has and can’t remember for sure. lol I had this mexican/taco salad that was really good. They have deep fried pickle spears there! I was thinking about ordering some because I’ve heard about pickle chips and wanted to try them, but didn’t. Maybe next time.

After dinner my mom still wasn’t feeling well so I dropped her off at the apartment and then went back to Fashion Bug so that I could try on the shirts I had seen earlier. I walk in and none of the sale girls greeted me and they never asked if I needed help with anything. I stood around waiting for at least 10 minutes to get a dressing room before one of them appeared to ring up someone who had been waiting at the counter and then I asked for a room. And since they were nowhere to be found when I needed to get something from up high, I had to find my own stick thingy and get them down myself. Needless to say I’m probably going to write up a post in the bad_service community on livejournal about them and possibly send a letter/email to the store. The way the girls were talking and what they were talking about they couldn’t have been out of high school more than a couple years and don’t have any customer service brains. What were they talking about? Well they called Johnny Depp old and said that Cry Baby was a really old movie, which it is old, but they said “really old” like it was made in the 1800’s. One of the girls goes “I really love old movies like that”. Maybe because I consider black and white movies and stuff from before the 50’s old, but wow. lol I was giggling away in the corner while looking at stuff.

I ended up buying three shirts. I couldn’t find one of them on the website, but it’s a baby blue tshirt with blue and white hearts on it. The other two I bought are…

I’m leaning towards wearing the one on the right to the reunion because it’s sparkly. lol At some point this week or next weekend I have to find a pair of pants/skirt to wear. I have a pair of black pants, but they are knit and pretty casual compared to the top. That’s what I wore yesterday while shopping and if I couldn’t find anything else, I’d wear them, but I’d rather not if I can help it. I might take a look at Payless for shoes, but I have a pair of flats that can are dressy/work and anything else I bought would be pretty similar. I don’t want to take a chance with heels and fall on my ass. lol

There’s is a Lane Bryant outlet store and a Dress Barn across the street from my work so I am going to try and stop over there one day after work this week. If they close before I get off work, I’ll have to wait until this weekend. Which is going to suck since there’s no Catherine’s in Tracy and that would mean if I don’t find something there I have to drive back up to Stockton. Or I may just skip those stores, but if I could have gotten something cheaper I’ll hit myself. lol And I just checked the Dress Barn website and it says they only have sizes up to 24. I swear they used to go up higher than that. Bah! I also checked the hours and they are open after I get off work so I’ll still stop over there, just in case, but at least I don’t have to make a special trip out there.

I just tried looking for the hours of the LB outlet and the website doesn’t have them and it also didn’t say there was an LB at the nearby mall. So I went to the mall’s website and looked at the directory and it’s not there either! They took away the LB store at the mall in Stockton too, but that’s because they opened the store almost directly across the street that has Cacique attached to it, so maybe they are doing the same thing in Tracy. The mall does have a Torrid though so maybe I’ll take a peek there one day.

Ok it’s now 6:27am. I started typing this up last night and stopped because I needed to get to bed and started up again about 3 paragraphs ago. I think I mentioned everything I wanted to. Who knows. lol

eta: Forgot to add this coupon (coupon has expired, link removed) I found online for Fashion Bug. If you use a Visa card as your payment method you can get $20 off a purchase of $50 or more. My total yesterday came to $42 and I saved $37. The tshirt went down from $6-something to $4-something and the other two shirts started at $34 and were both discounted $17-something with being on sale and using the coupon.

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