Rock On! \m/

My mom got passes to a screening of The Rocker on Monday night from her work. Each pass admitted 2 people and she got 2 passes so her, my brother, sister and I went. The passes said there were more passes then seats being given out since they wanted a full house and expected people to not show up. So we got there about an hour and a half before the movie started. We went to this little Mexican restaurant next door and shared a plate of nachos then went back to the theater where they had started lining people up to go into the theater. And had us stand there for a good amount of time for no reason. We were not allowed to use our cell phones for any reason while we were in the theater; ipods/mp3 players/recording devices/etc and they checked our purses as we walked in.

Ok I haven’t been to a movie theatre in almost a year. Not since I saw Hairspray on July 20th. I’m not sure of the prices of the tickets/food at the theater here in town, but where the screening was (in Modesto) it was $10 for admission and a small popcorn was $5.50! A combo of a large drink, medium popcorn and candy was $14-something! We didn’t get anything to eat/drink during the movie because OMG those prices are insane and gives me a good reason not to spend money on movie theater movies and instead use Redbox. lol

We didn’t get any previews, but I guess it’s because it was a free screening instead of a regular show. The movie was pretty good. Teddy Geiger is awesome. I heart him. He sang a ton in the movie and I hope either he releases the songs himself or they are put on the movie’s soundtrack.

After the movie we went to this little, inexpensive mexican restaurant in town (not the same place as before) and ate again. lol My sister and I love this place. The 4 of us ate for $22! Then my sister drove home in her car and my brother, mom and I went in my mom’s.

You can see a clip of the movie here.

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