Busy, Crazy Weekend

My weekend was kinda busy and full of random.

My mom had to go into work on Saturday for a bit and when she got home we were going to go swimming. It was 102 degrees out. My mom got home and mentions she wants to eat something and then we’ll go swimming, but there are dark clouds in the sky. Not even 5 minutes later it starts pouring rain. I blame my mom. lol She said some magic words and it rained. lol And yes I repeat that it was 102 degrees out and raining. o.O I don’t think it even lasted 10 minutes though, so we got ready and went swimming. Usually we’re in the pool about 30-45 minutes. We were in there almost an hour and a half yesterday. haha The weather was awesome and the water is finally starting to warm up and not feel like a pool full of ice cubes.

We get back from the pool and make salsa and guacamole. Or at least attempt to. The salsa wasn’t very hot, even after adding 1 1/2 jalapenos. Maybe it was not adding the seeds? I dunno. I don’t like it hot anyway. The guacamole was chunky because I couldn’t smash it up enough. lol So after standing at the counter eating chips, salsa and guacamole while telling each other we’re going to stop over and over, we decide to go out and get dinner. Hi, yeah we’re crazy. There’s a new Mexican place in town so we went over there. It’s kind of expensive considering it’s a walk up to the counter and place your order type place, but the food was good. I got a shredded chicken burrito for almost $7. It was huge, but there’s another place in town where I could get one pretty much the same size for $3.75. We brought our food home and I ate mine while watching The Day After Tomorrow. I ate the whole burrito and got a food baby and was really, really full. Watched more tv, blah blah blah, went to sleep and woke up full! It was hella weird.

Ok so today I woke up full. My mom wanted to run to Wal-Mart and the grocery store. I decided to go with her to give myself something to do. In the paper today we got one of those paper bags from Office Max where everything that fits in there is 15% off. I told my mom about it and a store recently opened in town so she wanted to go. We got copy/printer paper, a stapler (it’s purple!), staples, a battery charger (so my mom can recharge batteries for her camera and the house phones), and a memory card for her camera. She got the camera last year, I think? At least now she can start using it. lol Then we saw where the new Costco is going up. It’s supposed to open mid-August! And there was a sign that they were hiring, so I applied online tonight. ::crosses fingers for a phone call:: Then we went to Wal-Mart, where my mom used a gift card she got for her birthday on a bathing suit cover-up and some pajamas. We also got parmesean cheese and I got a pack of Oreo Cakesters. Then we went to the grocery store. It’s a Pack ‘N Save and they are turning it into a Safeway. Technically it was already a Safeway, just a different name. So they are moving aisles around and adding in a pharmacy and making a bigger bakery/deli/meat section. Anyway, I got a loaf of bread and my mom got random stuff. OH! And Coffee Mate now makes a Marshmallow Mocha creamer! But it was over $3 for the small size so we passed on that this time and got Tiramisu for $2.50. Then we went to Foster’s Freeze and had some ice cream. My mom loves chocolate chocolate dipped cones. As in chocolate ice cream dipped in chocolate. I got a fudge oreo parfait, but there wasn’t enough oreo or fudge for my liking. Then we came home, put everything away and vegged out. My feet were killing me by the time we got home.

So now I’m sitting here, typing this up and watching a repeat of Grey’s Anatomy. It’s the first part of the ferry boat episodes. I finished dinner about an hour ago. Grilled cheese! And more chips, salsa and guacamole. lol


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