No Sleep

It’s 8:22pm and I’ve been awake since 2pm yesterday. lol

I’ve been having such a hard time waking up lately. I’ll wake up when my alarms go off long enough to stumble the 2 feet to turn them off, then roll back into bed. When the alarms ring on my cell phone, I either turn them off without a blink or sleep right through them. Sometimes I even set up a wake up call and just don’t answer it. The alarms go off at 9:30am and 10:15am for the alarm clock. 10am, 10:10am, 10:20am and 10:30am for my cell phone alarms. 10:45am or 11am is when I have used the wake up service call. All those alarms and I haven’t been getting out of bed until 2pm.

So I decided last night that I wouldn’t go to sleep. I’d stay up all night and hopefully fall asleep at a decent hour tonight and set my sleep schedule back on track. Or at least back to a more reasonable track. It doesn’t matter that I don’t really have a reason to be up at 10am rather than 2pm, I hate sleeping the day away.

I can usually get by with about 6 or 7 hours of sleep, so going to bed between 2:30 – 3am gives me enough time to get enough sleep and wake up when my first alarms go off. I fell asleep for about an hour 2 hours ago so we’ll see when I go to sleep tonight. I know it’ll be after Loud Guy leaves for work. By then the sun should also be almost out of the sky and it won’t be so damn hot in this room.

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