I’m so stressed right now I can barely see straight. I’ve had the worst time falling asleep the past week because my mind has been constantly running and I can’t get it to stop. Which means I’m not falling asleep until after 3am and not waking up until at least noon. Today I was up and out of bed around 11am, but yesterday I didn’t get up until 2pm!

I have a storage unit nearby and it holds about 95% of my belongings since there’s no room for them here. The monthly payment is due on the 1st, but I have until the 10th before it’s late. Well today is the 10th and I have $12 in my checking account and a $10 check to cash. That’s it. No bills in my wallet and hardly any change. I have no idea how I am going to pay my bill, which is $101. I’ve asked a couple family members and neither can loan me the money. Actually one of them doesn’t have the money and the other has it, but doesn’t want to help. I have no idea what I’m going to do, I say for the millionth time this post. I have applied for at least 13 jobs in the past 9 days and not a single one has called me about an interview. Blah!

I just got off the phone with the storage place and if I don’t pay today, which I can’t, I’ll get a $10 late fee. After the 14th I’ll get another $10 late fee and be locked out of my storage. Which is what I was most worried about. I mean, EVERYTHING is in there. All of my furniture, my cd’s, books, tons of memories, etc. All I can hope is that money falls from the sky and into my hands.

Think good thoughts for me.

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