Go, Go, Go

Yesterday ended with the way it started. OMG SO TIRED.

I picked up my sister, took her to work and went to my “interview”. There was no interview. Having me fill out a job application type thing and then talking to me for 5 minutes to go over what I wrote down is not an interview. After that I called Michael’s (Arts & Crafts), Lane Bryant and Cost Plus to see if they were hiring. None of them were. Then I went to Michael’s anyway as I had a $25 gift card burning a hole in my wallet. I bought the Making Memories Tool Kit II, a container of aluminum eyelets, some Martha Stewart recipe cards that were on clearance for $1 and a 25 sheet grab bag type sticker pack for $3. Plus I had a 40% off coupon to use on the eyelets and the Tool Kit was 50% off. I have just under $3 left on my gift card now. lol

Then I went to the mall to get something to eat and drink from the food court. Mmmm iced coffee and a big mac. lol Then I went and sat in one of the comfy chairs that were set about and starting reading “Baby Proof” by Emily Giffin. I stopped at one point, walked into Torrid and asked if they were hiring. No. Went to Lane Bryant and asked the same thing even though I’d already called. Thought it couldn’t hurt in case I had talked to an employee who wasn’t aware they were. No they weren’t hiring as they just hired some girls, but they were on their probation period still so I could turn in an application and if they needed to replace someone I’d be towards the top of the pile. So I filled it out and when I returned it the girl told me to call in 3 weeks and ask to speak with the manager. Then I went to Bath & Body Works and asked if they were hiring. No. I still got an application from them, but I was starting to really get tired by this point as it was almost 2:30pm. Went back to reading and semi people watching and happened to look up to see friend & ex-roommate Stacia walking by with her daughter. So I got her attention and we started chatting and I walked around with them for a bit and then she offered to let me come with her to her daughter’s doctor’s appointment to help keep me awake. I can’t believe she’s 7 months old already. She has these chubby legs that you just want to squish. lol After the appointment Stacia dropped me back off at the mall and I went to a nearby grocery store to buy some bakery goodies as they have awesome ones. Then I went to pick up my sister from work. Oh yeah cause I didn’t realize she’d also need a ride home. Which is why I was hanging around the mall reading. lol

I sat in the parking lot waiting for her and read a bit more, then we went to the Super Wal-Mart in town because I’d been wanting to go forever to see if they had the 2-disc Shake & Shimmy Edition of Hairspray and they did! The Wal-Mart in town always only had the regular version. Then we wandered around trying to find the cold drinks section because I wanted something to drink and couldn’t find it so we stopped at Chevron on the way out of the shopping center. Then we headed for Manteca and I dropped my stuff off at the apartment (so I wouldn’t have to carry it up with me later) and the drove my sister over to her friend’s house. Then I headed for home, stopping at Subway to pick up a sandwich for dinner. I watched some tv, then read for a bit and hit the hay.

I was awake for about 20 hours and zonked out so fast. lol

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