Reunion What?

My 10 year high school reunion is coming up next year. There is a myspace set up for quick updates and details and I figured we would get something official and real in the mail because not everyone in the free world is on myspace. Well today I logged on to see that there’s a blog with info about a tenative place to have the reunion and that to secure the place they need at least 20 people to buy their tickets by December 31st. For $50! After the new year it will be $60. I don’t know if these are average prices for reunion’s or not, but I will barely have enough money to buy Christmas gifts this year, much less come up with an extra $50.

I’m also a bit put off that our class is letting the class of 1997 join our reunion. I’m not exactly sure why they didn’t have their own, but I think it had to do with poor planning on their part. In any case, I don’t think that means we should let them join ours. They had their chance. And whose to say they still can’t come up with their own a year late?

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