Is it time for bed yet? lol I was awake, awake, awake all night and decided just after 6am that if I’m going to be awake then damnit I need to go for a walk. So I charged up my mp3 player and waited and waited for it to finish as I always forget that it takes forever (or what seems like forever) to charge. I had wanted to leave by 7am, but ended up leaving at 8am. I was back within 35 minutes, but if I calculated my route correctly on then I walked .78 miles. Not even a mile, but more than I’ve gone for a while.

There’s a bike path near the apartment that I walked to and then down to a bench on the path, took a 5 minute break and then walked back. It took me longer to come back then it did to get to the bench. I’m not sure if it’s because I had that break or what, but I was starting to slow down as I got to the bench anyway. One of these days I would like to attempt to walk past the bench to where the path ends, but I know I wouldn’t be able to make the trip home. I’d have to call for a ride. lol

So now I’m home and tired and waiting to see if my mom is going to the pool or not. If she goes, I’ll go with her. If she doesn’t go, I’m waiting for Loud Guy to leave on his errands and jumping in the shower. And I’m tired (hence the wanting it to be bed time), but I’ll stay up as long as I can (coffee! coffee! coffee!) and go to bed at a decent hour tonight.

Now I shall drink my coffee and continue watching QVC as I was doing before going on my walk. They are having a big scrapbook/paper crafts sale so it’s just hours of stuff that I want. I don’t have the money to buy anything, but it’s interesting to watch and gives me cute ideas for later on.

eta: I ended up taking a little nap from around 11:45am until 2pm. Hopefully that will keep me functioning enough until at least 8pm because then I can pass out for the night.

And except for about half an hour, I’m still watching QVC. lol I’ll switch to Gilmore Girls at 5pm, but I’ll probably go back at 7pm.

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