I’m back from seeing Hairspray!

Everyone needs to go see this! And if Lance Bass plays Corny Collins with as much enthusiasm as James Marsden, he is going to be awesome. There were a bunch of times where I could totally see Lance saying that line and whatnot.

Zac Efron is over 18 years old, yes? He has pretty eyes. Wowza. lol

I thought there was going to be more going on with us winners from the radio station, but basically we just went over to the table they had set up, I gave the guy my name and that was it. No wristband, no nothing. He didn’t even count how many people I had brought with me, which was 2 since I couldn’t find a 3rd person. They had some ‘Hairspray’ tshirts, posters and soundtracks on the table and I didn’t think to ask if they were free, but the guy didn’t offer me any of them either. I’m pretty sure he was just an intern and he looked bored as hell to be there. When we go out of the movie, the table was gone and so were the people from the radio station. Also, the theater wasn’t even half full so either a lot of winners didn’t show up or they didn’t give away many tickets. I saw the list when the guy crossed my name off and there was 2 pages of names and the amount crossed off didn’t seem like many.

The movie was really funny. Though we were a small audience, everyone was laughing and clapping.

We saw previews for Rush Hour 3, The Golden Compass and I think there was one more, but I can’t remember what for. The Golden Compass has polar bears (Lost), pirates (whooo Captain Jack), people flying on brooms (Harry Potter), and has a Lord of the Rings feel. bwahahahaha. My sister says there are no elves though, but I bet I could find somebody who resembles one enough. There’s a little kid in it, so that counts to me. 😛

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