Thai Food. Kinda.

Beautiful Mess: Thai Noodles

I really had no idea how to cook these other than the normal way of cooking pasta, so I mostly just winged the whole thing. I cooked half the bag of pasta and then started to kinda pan fry it in a little olive oil. I added in about 3 cloves of chopped garlic (I really like garlic!), broccoli, diced red bell pepper, and shrimp (already cooked, peeled and devained, with the tail off). I started off with just the pasta, frying small amounts and then adding it back to the pot so it would stay warm. Some I fried longer than others, adding the garlic here and there, plus salt, pepper and garlic seasoning. Then after I finished frying almost all of the pasta I tossed around the red pepper, a little garlic and the broccoli and then added that to the finished pasta. Then I added the shrimp along with the remaining bell pepper and garlic. Then at the very end I added more olive oil to the pan and really fried the rest of the pasta for a really crunchy noodle. I added that to the pot and tossed it all together and dug in.

Beautiful Mess: Thai Noodles
And for anyone curious, I got the rice noodles from Trader Joe’s.

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