Lots of Things

  • House of Wax is on HBO and of course I am watching it. Padalecki is about to bite it. Kinda. OH GOD HIS ANKLES! ::covers eyes:: I can’t deal with people getting their ankles cut. A head gets chopped off? Go for it. But ankles? I flee.
  • My brother is going to prom at the end of this month, he turns 18 in July and then he starts his Senior year of high school in August. When the hell did he grow up? My friend Kennedy and I talked on the phone the other day and we decided that he wasn’t allowed to turn 18. lol I told him of our decision and he said no, he was turning 18. Poo on him! lol
  • It’ll be a fun day when he turns 18 though. He wants to get his ears pierced. Has been wanting to for the past couple years, but my dad and step-mom say no. My mom thinks it’s ok, but apparently she doesn’t get a vote in the matter. I mean, even if she took him to get it done we’d all be dead. But whatever. When he turns 18 he is allowed to get it done if he still wants it done and that way neither of them have to go with him and sign the consent form (and my mom willing to go with him and sign it doesn’t count as them not signing it). So my brother, his friend Matt, our sister-in-law Sarah, myself and I don’t know who else are all going with him when he gets it done. lol I guess my dad and step-mom are concerned he will get them done and then like 3 months later want to take them out. He could be 18 and decide that, so I don’t know what the big deal is. Then again my dad hates it when my brothers hair is long(ish) and hangs in his eyes.
  • I thought there may beĀ some crafty people who read my blog and who might be interested in this website. You sign up for swaps and trade stuff with people. I joined up today and am already signed up for 2 swaps. lol Not every swap has to do with crafts, but it’s fun anyway. Here’s my swap-bot profile if you wanna take a peek.

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