Some asshole stole my car!

My mom saw it yesterday around 2:30pm and when Loud Guy left today at 1:30pm it was gone. I’ve called the police and filed a report, an officer has come out to see me to finish filling out said report. I have talked to my insurance agent and to my claim adjuster. I have called my dad, step-mom and brother and told them my car was stolen. I still need to call my sister. I was told to not touch my car if I find it. It will need to be CSIed and whatnot. I can dream that Nick and Greg are coming to do the job, right? lol If I see the car with someone driving it, I am to call 911 asap. If it’s on the street, I call the non-emergency number. I can get reimbursed for the clothes that were in my car, but not for the books, my Furby or my Cabbage Patch baby doll (that I have had since forever and will cry over since it’s probably¬†gone for good) or anything else in the car that I can’t think of.

I couldn’t have just gotten hit by the idiots going around slashing tires the other week? No I had to get the genius’ who want to get into hell so badly they steal a car parked in the parking lot of a CHURCH! There is a special place in hell for people like that.

Bah. Just when I thought my luck was changing because I had a good job interview the other day. Bye bye job. Hello living in a box.

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