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Halfway to September

Wait, cross that off. More like 2 days past the 1st of September. I started writing this post just around the 15th and then life went “oh I don’t think so” and I am just getting back to it now. I totally did not mean to wait this long to post again. I know, I say that all the time. I think I say that too.  Things are still busy. Lots of appointments, errands and just feeling blah in general. This is what my August looked like and what my September is shaping up to be.

Beautiful Mess: Calendar - August 2014 Beautiful Mess: Calendar - September 2014


So yeah, lots of stuff going on. Physical Therapy is going to be the death of me. I had my first actual appointment the other week (they were so booked or I was booked plus with them being closed for Labor Day my 2nd appointment is today) and I was so tired and worn out from it (and it wasn’t like I was running for miles or something, just more than I’m used to doing because of the pain) that I’m pretty sure I went to bed early that night and then slept for 10 hours in a deep sleep. Which means I’ll sleep good tonight, but be in pain from it the next day. And this coming week I have PT, a day off, then PT again. That will be fun. :roll:

Busy as a Bee

Why haven’t I been posting as much as I’d like to be? This is why ::points down::


Beautiful Mess: July CalendarBeautiful Mess: August Calendar


And of course there are things going on that are not on the calendar. Like the home care nurse that comes twice a week to rewrap my leg (it’s swollen and still getting over the last round of Cellulitis) or when we run errands to the store (though we try to work those in around other trips out since any trip requires going on the freeway).

Yesterday for example, my mom had a doctor’s appointment and I have been needing to get some x-rays done. Both offices are on the same street so after my mom’s appointment, I went to get my x-rays. I have been dreading getting them done because I knew it would leave me in pain. If you’ve never had x-rays before let me explain. The process of having them done is not painful. You basically are just getting a bunch of pictures taken of your bones. Sometimes you stand and sometimes you lay down, it just depends on what is getting x-rayed. I had to get x-ray’s done of my right foot, my back and my knees. I had to lay down the entire time (sometimes on my back, sometimes on my left side and sometimes on my right), but it’s a hard table and you lay flat so it’s very uncomfortable. We had a couple quick errands to run afterwards and by the time we got home I in a lot of pain.

Luckily my mom is finally starting to drive again, so even though her appointments are on my calendar, I don’t always have to go with her. She got scheduled for a couple more Physical Therapy appointments, the first of which is tonight. She’s going to drive herself, which means I can finally listen live to this week’s conference call for JIC. I can listen later on or just read the notes, but I think it’s time I finally listened live. lol

Anyone else got some crazy days coming up?


Jewelry + Candles = Awesomesauce!

If you follow me on Twitter, or just come here and view my feed that way, you may have noticed that I’ve made quite a few tweets about Jewelry in Candles lately. I signed up as a Rep last November, but didn’t really get into advertising about the products until about a month ago because of how crazy things had been for me.

These products are one of the newest “trends” going around. You buy a candle or wax tart, you burn/melt it for so long and then you get to the prize. A piece of jewelry wrapped in foil that could be valued anywhere from $10 to several thousand dollars. I’ve seen video and picture reveals and even the $10 rings are good quality and look nice.

There are similar companies that make similar products, but Jewelry in Candles is the only company that let’s you choose your ring size, necklace or earrings! Besides only offering a ring as your choice of jewelry, the other companies don’t let you choose your ring size, meaning if it doesn’t fit you’re left with nothing.

Jewelry in Candles by Julie

Another great thing about JIC is that the candles burn 100-150 hours and the tarts (which come in a pack of 6) give off a minimum of 10 hours of fragrance (in each tart). I was talking with some of my fellow JIC reps the other day about how long the tarts give off fragrance and they all agreed that they normally last way longer than 10 hours each.

Besides candles and tarts, JIC is working to come out with even more products. Tea Lights are set to be released this coming Wednesday, July 16th and will be sold in a set of 30. I’ll have more details on Monday and I’ll be making announcements on Twitter and to my JIC Facebook page with the details.

So to recap all the great things about JIC

– You get to choose your jewelry & size
– Every piece is inspected for quality
– Family-owned company
– 100% Soy wax burns clean
– Hand-poured in the USA
– Wall-to-wall scent
– Candles burn for 100 to 150 hours
– Tarts give off 60+ hours of fragrance

*This is not a paid post. JIC is not providing me with compensation to speak about their company, however if you buy a candle or tart through my store, I will receive a commission.

JIC by Julie

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